Menu Monday

Monday: Beef Stew
Tuesday: Going to play bingo at Casino, dinner out
Wednesday: Fend for ourselves, we each might be going out with friends
Thursday: Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Sherry-Apricot Sauce
Friday: Pretzel dogs and mac and cheese
Saturday: Dinner at my dads
Sunday: Dinner at mother-in-laws


Dori said...

Hey! I'm new to your blog, but saw yours listed on someone else's blog (they had a list of culinary blogs so I "sampled" a few). I really like your idea of posting your menu ideas for the week. Your pretzel dogs sound really fun and tasty! Thanks for the ideas.

Lucky you--looks like other people will be doing a lot of the cooking for you this week. Enjoy the break!

Kerri said...

Great menu. The pretzel dogs look great.