Menu Monday

Monday: Chicken Angelo
Tuesday: Out with Adam's co-workers
Wednesday: Alfredo Pizza
Thursday: Chili Dogs
Friday: Meatball Sandwiches
Saturday: At a wedding
Sunday: Frozen Lasagna (I froze 2 pieces from last time for a quick and simple dinner.)


tegdirb92 said...

what a great meal plan this week!

toddler said...

It's a great idea to make enough to freeze some and then you always have a meal on hand. Nice looking menu plan this week.

Amy said...

Your menu looks great. The name of my old cooking blog (I recently moved it & changed the name) was "Amy's Cooking Adventures"... we could have joined forces, LOL! :)

Posh Mama said...

Yummy menu! Lasagna sounds good, I may have to make that next week!

justjenny said...

Your alfredo pizza looks really good!

KC said...

looks like a great and tasty plan
Happy Monday

TracyMichele said...

Looks like a great week in the menu category!