Little Info

This is my first non-cooking related post OH MY! But I think this is very important information!!!!

First, a few weeks ago, a website to track blogs was brought to my attention. This was the coolest thing! I log into it daily. You input all your blogs you want to keep track of and then it automatically lets you know when there is new ones. So basically instead of everyday logging into all the blogs, you can log into one site. Here is the link... Google Reader

Secondly, while browsing through a friends blog it was brought to my attention there is a foodie blogroll. Anyone who has a food blog can be added to this blog and then you can see everyone elses food blog also. There is a link to the right where you can add yourself or browse other food blogs.

I hope you find this information useful!!!! As many of you know, I start my class on Monday, so I might be cooking a little less. I still hope to do some crock-pot meals that I can eat before class and Adam can eat when he gets home time will tell!

Have a great weekend!


Suzanne said...

I'll have to check out both links!!! By the way, I have a QUICK Kielbasa recipe for you...I even took a picture for you! I'll e-mail it!

Carrie said...

Thank you very much! I'm very excited to try it!

Joelen said...

Yep - google reader rocks!