Tomorrow is Adam's birthday, I have badly wanted to take him out for Sushi, because the last time he got to go out for a good Sushi dinner was when we were in California in Jan. of 2006. So I planned to take him out for his birthday, most of the Sushi places around here are closed on Monday, and some Sunday so we ended up going last night.

My first experience of Sushi was said trip to California, I am not a big seafood person, and have always turned my nose as Sushi, but I am always willing to try something one time. In California we went out for Sushi, I tried 2 or 3 different things all being horrible to me. So needless to say I don't like Sushi but to Adam it is Heaven!

I called a few all you can eat type places all saying you couldn't order off the menu. So I opted for menu only. We went to a place in Minneapolis called Fuji-Ya. It was good, and satisfied Adam's craving of Sushi! This restaurant actually had private Zashiki rooms. Although I was not fully sure what these where I reserved one. It was one of the best things I have done. It is a private room where you sit on the ground, Japanese style, they actually knee but here they had you sit on the ground. So we had a nice private room, with excellent food and wonderful company!
I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken, which came with Miso soup, a salad, and white rice. This was wonderful chicken! I would actually go back to this restaurant just for the chicken! I didn't get a picture but it was two huge pieces of chicken and a large bowl of rice. I was unable to finish it all.

I don't know all Adam ordered but the below picture was a Winter Roll he ordered it had tuna, salmon, yellowtail, masago, & avocado rolled with spicy mayo, covered by crunchy tempura flakes. He said it was very good.Even though we had extremely fully belly's the server sold us on some cheesecake. It was the best cheesecake I have had, it even topped Cheesecake Factory. It was a piece of cheesecake wrapped in a pie crust, flash fried, and then topped with a raspberry sauce. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of that either, but I highly suggest if you are downtown, even if you don't like sushi go to Fuji-Ya for some desserts.

It was a great dinner, for a sushi, and a non sushi lover. I leave you with a picture of Adam eating his Sushi. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

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