On Saturday as I was frantically trying to get my southern meal on the table. Adam went to melt some butter in our microwave and it started sparking. It did this a couple months ago as well. So we tried it once more. Sure enough it did it again.

So needless to say we had to buy a new microwave on Sunday, I didn't realize how much you depended on it. We couldn't melt butter, steam my green beans, or heat Adam's niece's Macaroni up later on.
So here is our nice new microwave, it is bigger, nicer then the old one. It's got more bell and whistles then I think Adam and I will ever use, but hey as Adam would say "It looks shiny"I guess when something breaks there is good on the other side... A new bigger better thing.

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We had a problem with the gas coming into the house a few weeks ago. Basically it wasn't flowing in, so none of the gas appliances were working. I think it was out for nearly an entire day before I realized it... when I needed to take a shower and got only cold water! But the repairman asked why I hadn't reported the problem sooner, and I realized how little I use the stove or oven during the week, opting for the microwave so much more frequently. Can't live without that microwave!