We found our way out of that. We got hit by a snow storm the second in less then a week. Thankfully we are ok, as are all our family and friends who live near. And Adam got a day and half off for a Snow Day. This afternoon I decided to make Calzones for lunch, I had never made them, but had all the stuff and had extra pizza dough from the donuts. These were AWESOME! And I will make them again, you can customize for each person and they are SO quick and easy!

Calzones (From Nestie: MrsSchoon04)

Pizza Crust (My was from Trader Joes)

Any toppings you want, we used cheese, black olives, and peperoni

Roll the pizza crust out, and split in half. Put the toppings on one side, I put cheese down, then the pepperoni and olives, then a little more cheese. Then fold over and crimp the edges. Lay on pizza pan, and spread some olive oil and Parmesan cheese on it. Bake as directions for pizza crust say.
I found these too be really big, I would maybe do the pizza crust in 4th so that you could have easier left overs.

I hope everyone is able to dig out from this storm, and enjoy this warm treat!

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Amber said...

Those look really really good. I have yet to make Calzones so I will keep this recipe in mind when I decide to make them. YUM