Homemade Pasta

I decided this weekend I would take time over the weekend and make some cheese ravioli instead of at night when I know I will be tired and not want to do it. I made a large batch and froze, then we want a quick dinner we will just have to thaw and enjoy.

It seemed like their was some interested in homemade pasta in my previous posts, so I decided to document how I made the pasta and share with everyone how I do it.

First I make my dough, so far I have used the recipe that came with the Kitchen Aide mixer, but I hope to try a new recipe next time. I use the mixer and roll it out... next time I will take steps on this :-)

I then made my filling, this time I creamed cottage cheese, 1 (2 cup bag) mozzeralla cheese, 1/2 bag parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper.

I roll my filling in balls and lay out on dough.

I then top with another piece of dough (I have found this the easiest way to do it.)I then use the pasta stamper to cut the dough, I like the use the small round one for the cheese because it is so filling.Here is what it looks like after pressing down and cutting the dough.

I then laid them on wax paper and let them dry about 15 minutes each side, then put in a freezer bag and froze.

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