Menu Monday

A day late, and a dollar short, but none the less here is my menu for this week.

Monday: Out to dinner
Tuesday: Kielbasa and Mac and Cheese
Wednesday: Meatball Sandwiches
Thursday: Ham with Sweet Potatoes and Apples
Friday: Not sure


Morgan said...

Carrie - I read your recipes and got hungry - too bad we've already had supper. Do you like to have recipes sent to you so you could try them out and add them to your list - my wife and I love to cook and would like to share them with you - gratis. We wouldn't even want a mention unless you would want to do that. If not, that's all right. Happy eating.

Carrie said...

I always love new recipes, there is an e-mail me button on my blog you can e-mail the recipes there. I look forward to them.