Grilled Pizza

I know I posted my menu and we didn't get around to half the stuff we planned too. We ended up eating leftovers to try to clean out the fridge. One thing we did get around too was grilled pizza. I have wanted to tried this since I heard it talked about on the nest. I was overall not impressed with it, nor the pictures, but wanted to post on my experience anyway.

I made my own dough, recipe here in my blog. I then baked it in the oven for about 8 minutes because I was worried about just throwing it on the grill. We went went out, put it on the grill. Added our toppings and let it cook on low on the grill. It tasted just like regular pizza to us, except with a crispy crust. For us living in an apartment it's a hassle to go out to grill.

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Melissa said...

congrats on the new job!!