This post is not really cooking related, but wanted to AWWWW for a moment. First of all, My Mom, My Grandparents, My Little Bro, and Adam and I went out to Timberlodge for dinner... Why you may ask. To celebrate, We all got new jobs with in a weeks time. My mother in law also got a new job in that weeks time. We will all be raking in the big bucks (WE WISH), we are all very happy with our new jobs, and it was fun to forget about the diet for a night and enjoy a dinner together. Here is the cake my grandma got for us!! I have been busy with my first few days of work this week, so today I was catching up on the What's Cooking Board on the The Nest, and found the information about the Lowes Kitchen Aide Mixer deal. I did some research and found out the facts.

Lowes had a mis-print in there ad, and they were selling a KA mixer for $150 normally retails about $350, with a $30 mail-in-rebate. Since the day I got my mixer, which was about a year ago today, my mom has been complaining that for 40 some years she has never gotten a mixer and I am spoiled (which I will never deny.) I sent the information to my mom, and she order herself one for a great price. It is actually a cup larger then mine... she is now the proud owner of this.... I can say this year we have NO excuse not to make tons of Christmas Cookies with two mixers!

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Minik Kus said...

Congratulations to all of you! I just found your website from blogroll. You've lots of delicious stuff here. I'll come again for sure :)