Banana Bread with Chocolate!

My grandparents are back in town from Arizona, my grandpa loves my baking, so I try to bake something for him everytime I see him. We are going down to my moms tomorrow, and they will be there. So I decided to make some banana bread. I had my bananas frozen and had an extra half of bag of mini-chocolate chips. I haven't tasted this yet, but I am assuming it will be as good as last time.

Here is the link to the last time I made it, I omitted the nuts, and added a half of bag of mini chocolate chips.

I think I can safely say my baking fever is doing better!!


Sylvia said...

Oh ! This banana bread looks wonderful,i hope your grandparents enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I have made this recipe you posted for banana bread at least five times. It's always so good and I always add chocolate chips, it's so yummy!!! Thanks for your blog, I love reading it.