Kettle Corn

I have felt behind, we haven't eaten much at home, and when we have are busy so I don't get to post. I am going to try and play catch up and get stuff back on track!

This week while grocery shopping I got the urge to make homemade Kettle Corn it was something I have never done before. I searched online. And didn't find a recipe I liked exactly so I kind of made my own recipe. I don't have a picture of this because it wasn't the prettiest and it started browning too early!

Kettle Corn

1/2 c. Kernels
1/3 c. sugar
1/4 c. oil

I poured the oil across the bottom, then layered on corn, and sugar. And waited until it popped then shook it.

The problem we has was the sugar started to caramelize. So next time, I will put oil in, with one piece of corn, when it pops put in the sugar and corn. And shake. I hope to try this sometime this coming week. I will post a picture and a definite recipe when I figure it out.

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Amber said...

Sorry the Kettle corn didn't turn out quit right. Let me know if you figure it out because I love the salty/sweetness of kettle corn.