Homemade Pretzels

I use to look forward to having to go to Target to go shopping because they had the best pretzels with cheese. But a few months ago I found out they didn't have the cheese anymore. I was really sad, and miss my pretzels. Well there was a recipe for homemade pretzels on the nest this week so this even Adam and I decied to attempt to make them. They are WONDERFUL!!! We bought some chedder cheese. And are soft and just wonderful, and really easy to make!

The recipe:

Depending on the size of the pretzels you make this recipe will make 9-12 shaped pretzels.

1 tsp dry yeast
2 tbls and 2 tsp brown sugar
2+ cups flour coarse
kosher salt
baking soda
shortening or butter

1) In large mixing bowl mix 1 tbls HOT water and 1 tsp yeast. Mix until yeast dissolves completely.
2) Stir in 2/3 cup WARM water.
3) Stir in 2 tbls and 2 tsp brown sugar.
4) Slowly add 2 cups flour, stirring constantly. Contuine stirring until the mixture is smooth and does not stick to the sides of the bowl.
5) Lightly flour counter. Dip your hands into extra flour. Knead the dough until it is stretchy and smooth. (Push it down and away from you with the palms of your hands, turning the dough as you work)
6) Grease cookie sheet(s) well with butter or shortening. Sprinkle greased cookie sheet(s) with kosher salt. Preheat oven to 475.
7) Using liquid measuring cup fill a large saucepan at least 1/2 full of water. For each 1 cup of water, add 1 tbls baking soda.
8) Divide the dough into 16 equal sized pieces.
9) Using the following 4 steps shape each dough ball into a pretzel shape...

1)Roll the dough into a rope 14" long and as thick as your thumb. (if you are having trouble rolling out the dough, slightly wet your hands and try agian) Bend the dough into a U shape.
2) Cross one end of the rope over the other one. The ropes should cross about three inches from the tips.
3) Twist the crossed ends, making a full turn. Fold the ends back, towards the middle of the U.
4) Open the ends slightly to form a pretzel shape. Press the ends into the dough firmly.

10) Bring water into saucepan to a gentle boil (not to many bubbles)
11) Use pancake turner to lower each pretzel into the saucepan. Count slowly to 30. Then lift the pretzel onto the greased and salted cookie sheet (shaking off excess water back into the saucepan). Repeat until all the pretzels are done.
12) Sprinkle some kosher salt on top of the pretzels and put them in preheated oven. Bake for 8 minutes or until the pretzels are golden.


**Do not be shy to double this recipe. You will be sorry if you don't.

Recipe from: Nestie: Krashed24

Hope you can all try these they are wonderful!

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Lori said...

These are great! Very addicting snack. Thanks Carrie!