New Camera

I know this isn't exactly cooking related but there is a very cooking related reason behind the new camera. I told Adam all I really wanted for my birthday was a new camera, I know my blog picture aren't the best, and I know it's not all the camera but I feel like it is a big part of it. I previously had a Cool Pix that I got for my 18th birthday, so that was 6 years ago. it was time for a new one.

Today we went to Best Buy and I got myself a new camera :-) I got a Olympus Stylus 820. So far this is a cool camera, every picture I have taken has turned out great, I can actually use no flash, and it has a cuisine setting. I look forward to becoming better at taking food pictures... Here are a few pictures with the new camera and my babies :-)


Robyn said...

Wohoo to getting a new camera! Your kitties are cute!

MrsPresley said...

your kitties are so cute! have fun playing with your new camera :)