Since joining the WC Board on the The Nest. I have heard lots of talk of Paninis, I never really knew what they were. I am not much of a sandwich person so I normally skip that part of a menu. But just a few weeks ago I tried one at Panera Bread. It was very good, but I want to make one more to our tastes. I guess since mine was served on bread it was technically a panini... here is the definition and recipe.

Definition of a Panini-
A panino is a sandwich made from a small loaf of bread, typically a ciabatta. The loaf is often cut horizontally and filled with toppings and served hot.
The word is Italian (literally meaning small bread roll), with the plural panini. "Panini" is often used in a singular sense by speakers of languages that borrow the word, including English and French, and pluralised when necessary into "paninis".

Panini (From: Myself)

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 can mushrooms
  • cheese (I used mozzarella and Colby)
  • onion
  • black olives
  • honey dijion mustard
  • 6 slices of bread

Fry 2 chicken breasts, mine were frozen so I cooked until I could cut then cut in thin strips. Then seasoned with lemon garlic marinate.

Lay bread out on counter and put a little olive oil and parmesan on the top, then lay 2 pieces flat on George Foreman grill. Add toppings. I did meat, mushrooms, olives and onions, then cheese, and lastly mustard.

Put the pieces on top of each other, and smash down with the George Foreman, cook until everything is melted and golden brown.

*** Tips: I got 3 paninis out of this, you could most likely get 4 out of it. The first time I made mine I did two at a time, I found the top pieces of bread didn't get crispy, so the next one I put both slices down at the same time. Worked much better.


Gillian said...

They look like they came out really tasty! :) I'll have to try that recipe soon

DeborahSW said...

Ah, I love paninis... they're a brilliant way of smooshing more filling goodness into one sandwich. :) Looks great!

Amber said...

Looks great. Will you make me one, please??